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Sub-Zero Appliance Repair & Service


Sub-Zero Freezer Company Inc. is an American manufacturer which builds refrigerators, wine coolers and freezers. Sub-Zero brand name is known for superior quality, reliability and high-performance. It is one of the best brands of refrigerators and freezers in the world. The company started in 1945 soon after Westye F. Bakke made his first freestanding refrigerator. Sub-Zero is the only refrigerator manufacturer which uses the dual-refrigeration technology in their refrigerators. This system allows both freezer and refrigerator to maintain very accurate consistent temperatures to keep food fresher for longer and helps homemakers avoid food spoilage. The dual refrigeration system also means there is no transfer of fresh food odors to frozen food or ice as the refrigerator does not freeze the moisture out of the air in the fresh food section. Although both compressors work simultaneously, the whole system is more energy-efficient then single compressor refrigerators. A heavy price tag is probably the only one disadvantage when purchasing a refrigerator made by sub-Zero.

 Sub-Zero Refrigerator troubleshooting

Sub-Zero appliances are ones of the most reliable appliances available on the market, but even hi-end appliance can break down sometime.

Temperatures in Sub-Zero refrigerators are preset at 38 ̊F in the refrigerator section and 0 ̊F in the freezer section. An owner has an ability to adjust the temperature within a range of -5 ̊F (-21 ̊C) to +5 ̊F (-15 ̊C) for the freezer and within a range of 34 ̊F (1 ̊C) to 45 ̊F (7 ̊C) for the refrigerator section. It is normal for temperatures to fluctuate slightly depending on the environment.

When your Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer is not cooling there are several things you can check yourself before calling for professional help:

Is there electrical power to the unit?

  • Is the home circuit breaker or fuse off?
  • Is the refrigerator/freezer control on?
  • Is the control set properly?
  • Is the condenser area clean?
  • Has a door or drawer been left open for an extended period?
  • Be sure that food is not obstructing proper door or drawer closing.
  • If the unit is still not running, it may be in defrost mode. Wait 30 minutes and try to restart again.
  • Has a large amount of food been added recently?

Condenser Coils Cleaning in Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Condenser coils in Sub-Zero refrigerators are located not behind the refrigerator as usually but beneath the unit. Dust and debris can block the condenser coils and prevent an air circulation, causing compressor overheating and fan motor or defrost timer failure. Cleaning the coils regularly is the best to prolong life of your refrigerator and save you from costly repairs. You can buy a long brush and do it yourself or entrust it to professionals. You need to brush off all the dirt from the condenser and then clean the coils with your vacuum cleaner. When you are done make sure that there is nothing blocking the coils or the fan. This procedure needs to be done at least once a year.

Professional Sub-Zero Appliance Repair in Orange County, CA

We provide repair and maintenance services for:

  • Sub-Zero Refrigerators PRO series
  • Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerators
  • Sub-Zero Under-counter Refrigerators
  • Sub-Zero Freezers
  • Sub-Zero Refrigerator Drawers
  • Sub-Zero Wine-Coolers
  • Sub-Zero Ice Makers

Why use us to help you repair your Sub-Zero appliance:

  • Quality Repair. Our technicians are professionals; they are experienced and well-trained to work with high-end appliances such as Sub-Zero and Wolf. Of course, they are also properly licensed, certified and fully insured.

  • Fast and Convenient Service.We guarantee that we can come for repair the same day you call. We will give you small 3 hours appointment window, call you when we are on our way and never be late for appointment.
  • Free Estimate. Our diagnostic and estimate is free if you choose to do a repair with us. Before starting any repair job you will be given a written estimate for approval.
  • 5 Year Extended Part Warranty. We extend manufacturer’s warranty for 5 Years on any replacement part.
  • Stocked Vans. We load our vans as much as possible with the most common Sub-Zero and Wolf parts to be able to finish the repair right away in one trip.
  • Flat-Rate Pricing. The price for repair has simple breakdown: Labor + Part + Tax. It’s a flat fee, we never charge hourly for labor, we don’t add any extra charges for emergency, late hours or weekends jobs.

D&V Appliance Repair is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars

Reviews from our customers about D&V Appliance Repair:

Reviewer: Alicia Rogers

Finally my refrigerator works again, thanks to D&V Appliance Repair! The repairman just left but the fridge already started cooling. We don’t think how important a refrigerator is in our life until it breaks down! Luckily, there is a good repair service company in Orange County who provide great service and will come anytime to rescue your fridge.